Palazzo Medici Riccardi
Via Cavour 1, Florence



Everyday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Closed on Wednesday


full ticket: 10 € / reduced: 6 €
Free: up to 17 years old


Heroes – Bowie by Sukita”, is an exhibit promoted by OEO Firenze and Le Nozze di Figaro with Città Metropolitana, dedicated to David Bowie, icon of pop culture, portrayed by an undisputed master of photography: Masayoshi Sukita.

“Seeing David Bowie on stage opened up my eyes to his creative genius. Bowie was different to the other rock and rollers, he had something special that I knew I had to photograph” (Masayoshi Sukita)

The exhibition, which has the Patronage of the city of Florence is curated by ONO Arte Contemporanea and presents more than 90 photographs, some of which are displayed in national premiere, which retrace a partnership that lasted over forty years between one of the most revolutionary artists of the twentieth century and the great Master of Photography. Not only the iconic shots that illustrated the cover of the album “HEROES”, but also historical photographs taken from the personal archive of Sukita that tell a friendship that began in the Seventies. The catalogue is published by OEO Firenze.

“It was 1972 that I started it. And I’m still looking for David Bowie even now.”
Masayoshi Sukita)

Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the fifteenth-century residence of the Medici family, will host the images depicting the Thin White Duke, one of the most significant artists in the history of contemporary culture, who has been able to elevate rock music to the art form. Florence, with this exhibition pays its personal tribute to Bowie, opening the doors of one of its palaces richer in history and charm. Old and modern blend giving the chance to the visitors, with the same ticket, to admire the wonderful work that Sukita has dedicated to the Bowie artist and friend, but also to visit the prestigious palace. 

During the three months of the exhibition, there will be many collateral events in the style of Bowie. The company Le Nozze di Figaro will coordinate a set of acoustic concerts of musicians in the courtyard of the palace and the fans of Bowie will be able to find at the bookshop a rich choice of books and merchandising dedicated to him.

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